Monday, October 12, 2009

Living History

At the last minute, my neighbor and I decided to take our kiddos to a local living history day. It was a little crazy, but fun and educational. Usually, I'm a stickler for only taking field trips that pertain to what we are studying, but... I figured why not.

The kids enjoyed listening to and watching (or nearly getting scalped by) the Mountain Man the most. If you don't count the beach and the biology lessons there, this was our first field trip of the school year. Since it was free and very close to the house, I put it in the win column.


  1. How many people (outside of South Dakota) can say they were almost scalped? That alone makes the day a 'win'. Keep up the good work.

  2. Looks like that was so much fun! I'll have to make sure to go to that field trip coming up to get a little taste of it.


  3. How did I not know you had another blog! :) Glad ya'll had a fun time. We did that field trip last year and and totally enjoyed it!