Saturday, March 20, 2010

First Day of Spring Activities

Years ago a friend and I had little get-togethers on the first day of each season. It was sweet and fun (except the winter one... that time of year is a bit crazy, but we did it anyway). It helped the younger kids understand the beginning of the new season.

So... I decided it was time to start that tradition back up. My fellow homeschooling neighbor and I planned three sweet activities for the kids on the first day of spring. We were all eager to have the party since the day before it was in the 70s. BUT for the first day of spring, we had a very chilly and yucky day. That prompted a great discussion about what spring is like and how seasons transition. We are homeschooling moms, so every opportunity is a lesson. The kids just love that. Seriously. Or not.

Anyhoo... we made some edible bird nests with eggs; some cute butterflies; and planted wildflowers (naturally, I can't show the potted wildflowers because there are names all over the pots and you could be a psycho trying to figure out my kids' names).

The butterflies turned out darling, but Princess added a little something prompted by our study of insects currently going on in science (Apologia: Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day): a "sucking mouth" or proboscis. She was very proud. I was too.

Is was a fun time and educational time. Definitely a nice homeschooling memory.

From Our School to Yours: Take a bit of time on the first day of each season to talk about it. You don't have to have a party or do a craft, you can just take time to talk and look around. Naturally, a little something (craft, treat, activity) will help the younger ones take notice and remember better.

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  1. CA-UTE! What a great idea, we'll have to try a get-together for Summer with some of our homeschool friends. =) love it!