Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Garden Step III: Pest Control

We are enjoying the garden, but, honestly, My Sweetie is the most excited. He comes home from work every night and checks the garden and then gives us the "State of the Garden Address". This means he calls us all out to show us good things and bad things.

The other day the news was dire. This is what we found.
Upon inspection, we found the culprit.
There are tons of these everywhere. I've see them crossing the road four different times. We step outside and find them incredibly easily. The kids thought they were a Wooley Bears, but now we've decided they are Yellow Bears.

The one in our garden was removed and dealt with in the appropriate fashion.

We also found a different caterpillar on the tomatoes. Princess looked him up and identified him as a Tobacco Horn Moth. Did you know that tomato and tobacco plants are in the same family? So, it wasn't too surprising that it was a caterpillar that prefers tobacco plants. They probably taste similar.

He, too, met an early demise. Protecting the tomatoes is of utmost importance, don'tcha know.

So, things are moving along very nicely. Yea!

Pest control has probably been one of the most educational parts of our garden.

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