Monday, September 13, 2010

A Break for Homeschoolers

We started school the first week of August. We were excited (and by we, I mean me) and in need of a schedule again (and by we, I mean them).

For the last eight days, we have been on our yearly vacation to the beach. For more than seven years, we've gone after Labor Day. It fits my husband's work schedule (he helps run a summer camp) AND the prices drop significantly the day after Labor Day. If you can take a vacation after Labor Day, you should seriously look into the price difference. It's crazy! (and by crazy, I mean good!)

The schooling benefit I've seen is that we get a break at a really wonderful time:
We've had school for four weeks, so we have tweaked to perfection (and by perfection, I mean works for us) our schedule for the year.
We have learned a good amount already and feel like we are really doing school.
We have been working hard and a break feels nice.

From Our School to Yours: No matter when you start school, consider take a mini-vacation after you've done a month or so of school and treat your students to a fun break. You don't have to go somewhere for a week, but have a stay-cation of some kind. You could even drive by a public school honking and waving, like we did.

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