Sunday, September 19, 2010

First Day of a New Season

There's nothing like a craft and a snack to help kiddos remember something. Anything, really.

Back in March, I wrote about our first day of spring activities. It was a blast, but didn't help any readers too much since I posted that day. Not like anyone was going to run right out and grab items to do a last minute first day of spring event, right?

So, this time, I'm giving you a head's up.

Wednesday is a new season. The first day of fall. Autumn arrives. A quirky season, in my opinion.

Anyhoo... after a quick Google for activities and a food craft that use items I have here already or don't mind picking up, here is what we are going to do with some fellow homeschoolers on Wednesday: (this is the one that will get booted if I'm not in a messy mood, just keepin' it real with you)

and... no way this one's getting booted...

I pick activities that are easy (meaning few steps and nothing complicated that the adult has to do for every kid) and fun. I also believe having a first day of the season craft or snack helps younger kids remember the season change better. Central Texas weather certainly doesn't clue them in, so eating an acorn will! A donut acorn, of course. Though... a real one would be more memorable probably.

From Our School to Yours: Choose a "simple for you" craft and/or snack to do with your kids this Wednesday to acknowledge the start of autumn. Your kiddos will be able to answer the question, "What season is it?" and, even better, it will be a family memory.


  1. I am going to copy you! Ours attend a Classical Christian school, but I can do some of these at home!

  2. Henley- that's the idea! GREAT! Yes, I hoped families could do this together, whether or not they homeschool. Yea!

  3. Love it!

    Now, Spring or Fall? Where we live, or Where we're from?? Hmmm, questions, questions....

    I'll ponder and let you know what I decide : ) Donut acorns sounds like a good reason to do N Hemisphere : )

    (then again, here it's really Rainy vs Dry, so maybe we'll make rain clouds and water balloons and play in the water hose and celebrate the coming rains....)

  4. Reader- I almost said, "And if you live in the Southern Hemisphere..." just for you. You could do both and call it a full day! ;-) How fun to show what their family back in the States is experiencing and what they are experiencing. Can't wait to hear about it!

  5. We will definitely be doing these, thanks for taking the search work out for me! YEA! I LOVE doing a "first day of _______ party" and I of course learned that from you. SO, we will be participating and having some friends over that afternoon. I am lovin' the donut snack! I also may make another tree like I did when Caleb was only 2. I traced his hand onto red, orange, and yellow paper and cut them out. Then I cut out a tree shape and used his hands as leaves. It turned out wonderful and I hang it up every year for this season. I think I may make one with he and Georgia's hands! (certainly don't want her to feel completely left out in the future) :0)
    thanks sis
    i love ya!

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  7. totally copying these! Thanks :)