Sunday, September 5, 2010

Warlpiri Painting

Studying Australia for two weeks have been wonderful. What kid doesn't like to hear about kangaroos and koalas? Throwing in Aborigines and the need for workers for the harvest and you have a combination that doesn't quit.

The older three students and I read Red Sand, Blue Sky and watched (skipping one scene) Rabbit Proof Fence, along with more of our Sonlight Core 5 work. We all talked about Aborigines though.

I decided an easy hands on activity for Australia would be to do some (tweaked) Warlpiri painting. We already had the paints, thanks to some great friends, and some fabric.

We tried making little dots with the puff paint on white fabric, but the effect was nothing like Warlpiri.

So, we then used Q-tips and each child made their own paintings. Much more authentic looking. I loved it and the kids had a blast. Super cheap and super easy school art project.

Here's what we did:
Paint a black oval on paper (you could use any shape, but having a shape instead of a whole piece of paper gave it a more authentic look).
Put a Q-tip in each little container of poster paint. Reviewed again what Warlpirit painting is and what it looks like (we had a laptop near with images AND blessedly some gifts from friends: a digiridoo, a boomerang and some fabric all with Warlpiri on them).Let the kids' imaginations do their things.
They certainly haven't grasped the whole idea of Warlpiri, but they got a good taste and simple understanding. I think it's something they'll request to try again down the road. After their little pieces, they also have an appreciation for the effort and patience Warlpirit artists have to do their art. A wonderful side benefit to our art project.

Have you done any crafts lately?

From Our School to Yours: If you aren't much of a craft person (and believe it or not, I'm not), choose crafts that have as few materials as possible and simple steps. If you are a craft person, remember there are those of us out there that look at your craft room and shudder. Every homeschool can benefit from a craft every once in awhile. Try to take time to do it. I've found that putting it on the lesson plans ahead of time helps me follow through. Again, Google is your friend.

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  1. Woo hoo! I'm teaching an art class for little kids with our homeschool co-op and needed to add something to our study about Australia! What a cute idea! They'll love this! Great job Mom and kids!